Pin Wins!!!!!

Who does not LOVE Pintrest? Anyone?

So, now that we have that settled... This blog posting is where I will post Pin Wins. The small ones that are wonderful but small enough that they don't really rate an entire posting. Where I can, I will try to link it to the original poster. However, I am not a detective, so if I attribute the idea to the wrong person, please let me know and I will correct.

First up, Keeping track of that silly medicine. Or...Did I give him the dose?

As you can see, we only missed two doses. The first one
when I remembered about the Pin. The second was DH night.
How many of you have children? Children that get sick? That need medicine? Do you also have a spouse that likes to help? This idea was one I saw and could not wait to try. No, I didn't want my kid sick, I just wanted to try this. And see if it worked. and the result is...Yes! Yes! Yes!

I kept the entire kit in a ziplock bag and stowed in the fridge. Yeah, towards the end the Sharpie was a little iffy about writing, but as soon as it would warm up, all was fine.

Poster as labeled on the pin. (Really, who knows who the original person was. Maybe they had to keep track of their daily meds and figured it would not hurt to do the same for the kid.)

Second Pin Win:

Making Tortillas
Using a pants hanger as a recipe holder. Google it. I dare you. No? Well, here ya go. Enjoy.

I don't have a fancy recipe holder. I used to have a clip that had a strong magnet. I would clip my recipe to the 'over the stove hood range' (kinda bulky for a name). Worked great for me. Till we moved somewhere that had a plastic cover. (really?) So, Pintrest to the rescue. Most of the pins I saw utilized the cabinet knobs to hang the hanger. Alas, my cabinets are lacking in knobs with which I can hang the hanger. So, I simply closed the door on the top of the hanger. Works just fine.  The hanger I used was one from a store purchase-PJs I think. I have had about 12 pages clipped in at one time. Gets a little weighty at that point and seems to slip from the cabinet.

Someday, I shall have cabinets with knobs. Shiny knobs. Knobs that are self-cleaning. Until then I will be happy with what I have.


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