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My Thoughts

When I started this blog, many moons ago, I had BIG PLANS. I was going to turn this opportunity into a money making machine!  I planned to write about my life in Alaska. To perhaps educate the rest of the world about the wonders and natural beauty of my world.  To show how we are the same.  I may live in the frozen wastelands next to Hawaii (Scout's honor, that's how maps show it!) but I still butter my bread on the same side as everyone else.  Most of all, I was gonna be rolling in the dough.  I was going to become a household name.  The next Martha Stewart.  Have my own line of cookware at WalMart.
Yeah.....that went really went far.
I have spent a bit of time recently thinking about things. Life. Where I am in the world, spiritually that is.  I know where I am physically.  Lots of challenges have occurred in my corner of the world.  I read somewhere about blogging.  Stick to one subject.  Write about what you know.  Be the expert in your subject.  Build it and they will com…