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Sitting here watching Hollywood 411, William & Kate's wedding. Prior to this was a show on Princess Diana. Watching that show really brought back memories of wanting to be like Diana. Wanting to be compassionate like Diana. Wanting to be a loving mum like Diana. Wanting to be glamorous like Diana. Heck, if I could be a Princess, that would have been FAB! I remember watching some of the wedding in 1981. I was eight and I think we were living in Texas. I remember thinking "There is a King and Queen? Wow!" About that time is when I became very interested in Fairy Tales, Robin Hood & King Arthur. In Junior High (Seattle) and High School (Seattle, Weaverville & Kodiak), I used to fantisize about meeting a mysterious stranger, falling in love and being swept off to a castle in Europe. Deep down, I knew that would not happen. There was still a bit of hope. Even when I attended Stirling University in 2000, I still had hope. I read alot about the current Royal Family.…


The Spring Equinox has come and gone. As of today, the current forecast for Wasilla is 33F & mostly cloudy for today. Thursday, mostly cloudy, high 40F, low 20F with snow & rain showers. Friday, cloudy with rain & snow showers, high 40F & low 15-20F.

(view from front door) Currently, still snow on the ground. Lots of ice slicks. No leaves on the cottonwood or birch trees.

Sigh...soon the snow will go. The kids can play in mud puddles. The trees will sprout leaves. The grass will grow. And I will need to get the vehicles washed every week. Breakup can be brutal on vehicles. Dust, mud, rain, road salt, kids washing the van with muddy snowballs.
Waiting...for Spring.

(view from my back door)