Cutting back...

Tons of stuff has happened. No longer a nanny. We have our own place. DD#1 is getting married. Its f'ing cold. DH will be unemployed. Good Lord. Talk about stressful events.

For the last couple months we have been in a holding pattern when it came to DH's job. Mantech lost the contract for the base. We knew the new company would be downsizing. Managment had no idea (at least they said so) who was staying or leaving. All we knew was the warehouse would have eight positions and there were 14 people looking to stay. So, several need to go. Due to his low position on the longevity totem pole, DH was among the first to receive notice.

Yes, knowing he has no job is, well, stressful. I am busy looking for a job. I am becoming disenchanted with the search. I have a good work ethic. Yes, I have not been employed the last couple years but I have been volunteering. I have not just stayed home being a slacky housefrau-eating bon bons & watching soaps. (I *love* watching Law & Order UK but that is an evening show.) Almost everyday I apply for at least three jobs. I am getting to the point of going door to door in the various business parks we have around here. I would think I could get a job at any of the Big Box Stores, but alas, I know too much. (One of my jobs dealt with HR, Tax/Labor laws and  Unions.) Anywho, enough of my self depressing talk.

Changes that are coming: anything that has to do with money. I already do things that save us money (bread making, laundry soap, non-chemical cleaning items). Planning to try the no shampoo, making my own creamer (yes, I could cut back on coffee but coffee is cheaper than alcohol/wine) are among the list. I use coupons but it is hard to find ones that I can really use. Most of the baking coupons are in November and December.  Cable is the only thing we really splurge on. We don't eat out. We don't party. I prefer free or cheap activities. And of course, I am entering Publisher's Clearing House everyday. 

Needless to say, changes are in the wind.

What are changes you or someone you know has had to make?


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