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Monmouth Cap

Some weeks ago I stumbled upon The Dreamstress and she was talking about a year-long sew-a-long. For the first five minutes, I thought I would not be able to participate. Yes, I sew. No, I don't have the space to dedicate to sewing a historically accurate costume. (As much as I would *love* to...) However, The Dreamstress pointed out that knitting would be acceptable also. (Mental head slap) Of course knitted items would work as they knitted them! I was quite thrilled to see that. After signing up on the Facebook page, I spent about five hours screwing around industriously researching possible knitted patterns. After several misleads, bunny trails and child/husband interruptions, I came across my first project.

The Monmouth Cap. The history of the Monmouth Cap can be found here. In a nutshell, the cap was introduced in the earlyish 15th century. The everyday man wore the cap-made from serviceable material. Royalty wore the cap- made from finer material. In later years, the cap was…