Spring Time in Alaska

One of my favorite seasons has begun.  Spring is always a reminder that from the deep darkness of winter comes life.  Underneath the dry dead grass, are roots waiting to spring forth (see what I did there?!?! Spring!!!) and grow tall in the sunshine and rain.  In the garden beds that look like boxes of dirt and dry leaves are bulbs awakening.  After a long season of white, gray, brown, coldness, wetness and bulky clothes...I know why The Creator made so many colors for the rest of the year.  

Today, the sun rose at about 4:30 am, and as I sit here at 8 pm, there is still daylight out.  According to the sun will set at 11:30.  Plenty of time to go for a run, play in the garden or just lay on the hammock.  As long as you don't mind the bugs. Yeah.....bug dope is wonderful.

The house we moved in to has had a lack of outside care for the last fiveish years.  Part of our deal is to perform yard work and some house repair.  Totally fine with me.  I love puttering in the ya…

My Thoughts

When I started this blog, many moons ago, I had BIG PLANS. I was going to turn this opportunity into a money making machine!  I planned to write about my life in Alaska. To perhaps educate the rest of the world about the wonders and natural beauty of my world.  To show how we are the same.  I may live in the frozen wastelands next to Hawaii (Scout's honor, that's how maps show it!) but I still butter my bread on the same side as everyone else.  Most of all, I was gonna be rolling in the dough.  I was going to become a household name.  The next Martha Stewart.  Have my own line of cookware at WalMart.
Yeah.....that went really went far.
I have spent a bit of time recently thinking about things. Life. Where I am in the world, spiritually that is.  I know where I am physically.  Lots of challenges have occurred in my corner of the world.  I read somewhere about blogging.  Stick to one subject.  Write about what you know.  Be the expert in your subject.  Build it and they will com…

Happy Father's day

My dad is gone. He's been gone for 13 years now. I do miss him. The hurt has lessened over the years, but there are times where that heartache is still there. When I see something I think "My dad would love this" or when the kids do something silly, I think "oh I've got to tell my dad." I miss him. I miss hearing his voice. "As fine as frog hair" in answer to your question of "how ya doing today?" I miss his smile and chuckle. I miss his advice. I miss having him around.Happy Father's Day to my dad. I love you.

Some days....

I wonder why I am here. What is my purpose?

This morning outside my door....

Today is a day to arise & spontaneously sing. Join me? Oh what a beautiful Morning! Oh what a beautiful day. I've got a wonderful feeling everything is going my way!


Today, my heart aches. My oldest daughter is expecting a child in November. I am coming to terms about being a grandma earlier than planned. Life happens. I am well aware of that. My heart aches because my daughter is causing strife. Fully expects DH & I to drop everything we are doing and bend over backwards to help her. No gratitude.  No thanks.  I can't do that.

Super Bowl

<snicker>Tons of memes are out there regarding the cities from whence the teams are from. Somehow the fact the both places have allowed marijouna sales tickles the funny bone of quite a few people. Something about smoking bowls. Nothing I know about.One of the most important parts of a Super Bowl party is the guacamole.  The latest Consumer Reports (February 2014) (how can they date it for February when we are still in January? Is there a time vortex involved?) contains a wonderful one page report on "Guacamole that earns an 'ol`e!" (pg.7). Their recommended store bought guacamole is Sabra's classic product. You can purchase an 8 oz container at Carrs/Safeway for $4.99. (AK prices.)Consumer Reports also includes tips for avacodas and a recipe for homemade guacamole.  Homemade is always better. Less chemicals, fresher and you know what is in there. From Consumer Reports:How to create a homemade dipChoose ripe avocados or buy them ahead of time and let them ripen…