My Dad...

I visited my dad today at Fort Richardson National Cemetery. I know since he  has passed, I can talk to him anywhere. His memory stays with me. Sometimes though, I need the physical motion of visiting his grave site.

The weather was cold, 16°F. The sun is out but has no warmth. Snow is on the ground. Yet I can hear birds singing-letting me know spring is not far away & there is a future no matter how I may feel at the moment. 

With a fresh snowfall, I can see footprints to various headstones. As always, I took pictures of my Dad's view. The mountains are beautiful with the snow crowns. The green of the spruce trees are a stark contrast to the white mountains.

I truely miss him. Sometimes the pain is not there. Other times, especially when going thru difficult times, all I can think about is wanting him here. I need his advice. I regret not listening more. I want him to watch his grandchildren grow.

I miss him...


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