Fishing at Fingerlake

Cuzins playing in the front yard.

(Was viewing my posts and discovered I never posted this one.  Summer of 2010 we had family visit. Here is one of the adventures we had.)

After a tasty hotdog dinner, we went fishing at Fingerlake. Having learned from the Father's Day experience, I did not expect a whole lot from kids when it came to fishing. Sure enough, after we got the hooks baited and lines cast, DS and the boys were done.

There was mud all around that needed to be dug up and played in. Getting no hits on the hook, Bob decided to cast DD#2's line a bit more to the left. We did not know the shore was part quicksand (quickmud?) Here is a picture of the result.

Pictures of the kiddos and wildlife.

We did not stay long. My allergies were kicking in and I was ready to go home, shower and change. Not sure if you can see in the pictures, but cottonwood seed was flying all about. So far the visit has been wonderful.


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