My Flooring Choice is Coming Back to Haunt Me.

I discovered another disadvantage to a wooden floor. It is hard. I know, I know. You are thinking that I should have known that when we put the floor in. Well, I did. I also thought of all the wonderful advantages-easy cleanup, no expensive carpet cleaning twice a year, less expensive to lay, easy cleanup. Did I mention I was sold on the easy cleanup part? With three kids, 16, 6 & 4, one of them is happily messy. In fact, it seems the messier he can make things, the happier he is. In the apartment we lived in prior to moving to our house, we had carpet in every room except the small kitchen and smaller bathrooms. Nice pretty champagne color. Great for the elderly lady who lived there before us. Not great for a family with young kids that like to make messes when they eat. I found a plastic floor mat I put under the highchairs. Worked great until they moved to eating at the table and my husband stayed at home. That is when I discovered The Carpet Man owned by Jeremy Honglso. He cleaned our carpets twice a year and did the move-out clean. Let me tell you he was worth every penny.

Anyway, back to the hardness of the floor. Umm, yeah. I discovered the floor exercises would be much easier to do on carpet, or a mat, or something softer than wood. So, needless to say, I have not been up at 5:50 and exercising. I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed at 6:30. Sigh.

I was reading in the Parade last weekend that people who are susceptible to SAD should exercise, ideally outside when the sun is the highest. I did do that before, when I was working in Anchorage. I would go online and figure out when the sun would be the highest and take my lunch at that time. Worked really good. I got at least 30 minutes of sun a day. So I was thinking, since that worked really good, I would start the same routine. I will of course, need to make sure to be done by the time I need to pick up my son at 1 from school. Should make it interesting.

What are your goals for making sure you have a good winter? Getting outside more? Playing in the snow? Or, if you live in warmer climates, playing at the beach? Hanging out with friends?


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