Here we go....

This is really my first foray into the world of blogging. I have written in a diary/journal for years and have a small page on MySpace but have not done much in publishing on the WorldWideWeb. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the life of my family and I. Ya know...daily ordeals, exercise, the weather, holidays, general life in Alaska, food, etc... Some days I may write a lot, some days I may write nothing. Some days I may write insightful thoughts, other days I may write about my house plants that do better when I ignore them or the moose in my backyard.

Little bit about myself. I moved to Alaska in 1988 with the rest of my family. My dad was in the Coast Guard and he was stationed on the Kodiak Coast Guard Base. In 1992, we moved to the Mat-Su Valley and have lived there since. My husband and I married in 2001 and we have two girls and one boy -16, 6 & 4. I have been a SAHM since May 2007 and have loved it! I also am a Kitchen Consultant for the Kitchen Store That Comes To Your Door-email me and I will send you my website link and a great recipe.

About a week ago, I realized I have very little clothes to wear. Literally. My clothes budget is not very big so I tend to spend the funds on my kids, who grow two inches taller overnight(!) and husband, who works in a professional office. Due to clothes not fitting (the washing machine shrinks them-I swear!) I have slowly whittled my wardrobe down to two pairs of jeans, a couple sweats and t-shirts and three nice blouses. My favorite winter coat that barely fit last winter, well, I can't zip it. Time to go shopping right? No. I am working really hard to stay on budget and thus, can't go shopping for new clothes. Besides, it seems the clothes in my size don't look good on me (bust line darts are usually in the wrong place) and are not really fashionable looking. I took a look at my options-do nothing or exercise. Well, the do nothing option is not a good idea. That leaves exercise. Can't join a club-the fancy one is spendy and the other club, not so spendy but club membership is not in the budget. Walk outside-little chilly. Right now the temp outside is 15.6 degrees F. I don't have the right gear to walk or run outside. That leaves exercise DVDs. I have several that I have used in the past, but, when we moved last December (Tip: Don't move anywhere near Christmas), the box with our DVD player & VCR somehow disappeared. No, it was not me that made the box disappear. So. What does that leave me? FitTV! We already pay for the channel, I prefer exercising in the morning and I like variety. I have already picked the show that will work into my morning schedule and am eager to start. Gilad's Bodies in Motion is set in Hawaii and is only 30 minutes. I will be able to exercise, shower and get ready for the day before I get the two little ones up at 7 am. Plus, I will get a small glimpse of Hawaii everyday.

My goals for the week is to exercise once a day, start looking for healthy food options and start tracking my progress. If anyone has tips for blogging, incorporating healthy food choices or questions, let me know.


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