Summer Colors in my Garden

My life finally paused enough to grab a few pictures of the plants growing about my yard.  There has been some wonderful sunny days and wet rainy days.  As a result, tons of plants and flowers are growing all over the place.  Warning...this post will be picture heavy and some pictures may be a repeat.  No filters.

The Spirea hedge growing next to our drive way has lovely white flowers.  The hedge has filled out quite nicely.  I definitely didn't over prune and maybe should have clipped more.  I am thinking of digging some of the roots that are meandering in the wrong direction and handing them out.  Looks like some root propagation research is in my future.  

The back garden has a mix of Alaska roses, morning glory, Columbine, ferns, potatoes.  This rose bush is doing battle with the morning glory.  Both want the same space.  At the moment, I'd say the roses are doing pretty good.  

One of the many columbine.  This one looks to have double flowers and is pink and yellow.  The previous owner did not plant any in the back yard.  These plants 'migrated' to the back.

Another columbine.  There are a few that have this particular dark color. The rock garden is to capture the dryer lint.  I think an ant colony has taken up residence in that area.

Morning Glory.  No flowers yet. Lots of leaves & vines.

The front beds have a couple rose bushes on the lawn side. 

This picture shows one of the unknown plants.  So far, just big leaves.  No flower buds yet.  I am planning to move this area and just have another patch of rocks.  

More roses.  

The driveway side of the front beds.  I am completely unsure what the mass of leafy plant is.  So far, just leaves, no buds.  Each leaf is growing from a single stalk and are kinda fuzzy.  In amongst the unknown plant are ferns, Tiger Lillies and of course, more columbine.

Close up of a grouping of Tiger Lily. 

More columbine.  The columbine in the front beds were planted and have migrated to unusual areas.  I have found starts on the other side of the drive, in the back yard, and up by the road.

A bit of a closer view of the unknown leaf plant.  Easier to see the tiger Lilly and ferns.  The pot has marigold and sweet peas.

One of my favorite columbines.  This one is amongst the Lily-of-the-valley spot.  The lotv was the first to come up and flower.  The flowers have passed on and now the leaves are taking a bit more of the center stage.
Lotv, blooming, garden trowel for size comparison.

The Rhubarb.....

The side yard still has the rhubarb going like crazy.  I have harvested about 100 stalks over the last couple weekends.  I have a feeling there will be plenty more.

Before the first harvest.

The first harvest.  I have been making lots of rhubarb butter.  Basically, cut the stalks in small pieces, drop in a crock pot & cook for a bit.  Take some out & blend (or use a hand blender). Back in the crock pot (or on the stove) and simmer away until desired thickness.

After the first harvest.

And that, my dear friends, is my garden.  This summer I want to focus more on clean-up.  The previous renters were not overly concerned with outside yard work.  So, lots of maintenance was not done.  Half the yards are dandelion and moss.  Vetch is growing on the hill.  

Hard work, but enjoyable work.


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