Been some time since my last post. In my head, I have written at least 30 posts. The subjects vary from my DD19 graduating, to our trip, to looking for work, to going Gluten Free, to the beautiful summer in Alaska. Alas, being a post only counts if they make it on the blog, right? Anyway...

Summertime in Alaska! Woot!!! According to KTUU, the weather forecast is as follows:
Monday: Rain, High 59 & Low 44
Tuesday: Partly Cloudy, High 61 & Low 43
Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy, High 58 & Low 45
Thursday: Mostly Cloudy, High 59 & Low 44
Friday: Mostly Cloudy, High 61 & Low 47
Saturday: Rain, High 58 & Low 49

Hmmm....Hoping the Saturday forecast will change for the better. Meaning no rain. Saturday my DD10 & I are running in the 2012 Alaska Run for Women. Personally, I don't care if it rains but it would be easier to keep DD10's spirits up if there is no rain. Anyone know a good anti-rain dance?


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